22 October

What You Need To Know About CBD Oil E-Liquids In The UK

Our Vape UK CBD oil range has become increasingly popular, and the guide we have available for vaping CBD oil has quickly become a page that has been viewed the most over our entire website.

So, we decided it is the right time to share the reviews and feedback we have already collected from our loyal customers, and to give you an update about the latest trends and news from the CBD vaping industry. We are sure you will enjoy it.

About Our Big CBD Survey – Check The Scores Out On The Doors!

Soon after we began selling CBD liquids, we made the decision to ask our clients to answer some questions. To begin with, it was to establish whether we were selling high-quality and attractive products, but to also ensure that the information that we provided about vaping CBD was enough. We also wanted to make sure we were giving accurate advice to our new users. Here is a breakdown of these results:

82% of the customers that purchased the CBD vape juices did so to assist with a mental health or physical problem. These same people had also never tried a CBD e-liquid before.

However, around 82% of the respondents had already tried CBD in various other forms in the past, which included the cannabis itself, in the form of concentrates or drops. Out of these individuals, 2/3rds reported that vaping the CBD e-liquids happened to be as effective and, in some cases, more effective when compared to other types they tried.

More than 82% of the respondents stated that vaping CBD oils had an effect they hoped for, which happens to be amazing news.

We are extremely pleased to announce that 82% of our customers rated the CBD e-liquids as a high-quality product, and more that two-thirds rated our products as 7 and higher out of 10, when they were asked whether they were happy to recommend the product to their family and friends.

Praise For Our Products- Vaping CBD Oil

We additionally offered our customers with a chance to give feedback using their own words, about the things they disliked or liked about our range of CBD e-liquids. Below are some of the responses:

I enjoy the way it eases pain associated with my MS, along with the fact that I am able to do so legally. Thank-you for such a fantastic product, I have gone onto suggest this product to friends that suffer from various types of health issues.

I enjoyed how the liquid tastes along with its outstanding therapeutic qualities.

A clean liquid which is always a concern when it comes to CBD. The combination with Nic salt e-liquid, it offers instant satisfaction as soon as it is needed.

I like this product due to my illness. It has helped a lot and I also have the choice of mixing it with other juices.

How Can We Improve- Vaping CBD Oil

Not all the reviews and feedback were positive. We also received a bit of negative feedback in regard to the options in flavour, the price tag associated with higher strength CBDs, and availability of starter kits. We have used this feedback in a practical manner in order to make a few changes.

To begin with, we will soon introduce more new flavours to our range. The second factor involves closely assessing our prices against the current market, where we have lowered the price on the CBD e-liquids of 500mg strength to make sure our prices remain competitive and fair. We have also introduced 2 outstanding value starter-kits for individuals that are new when it comes to vaping yet would still like to try the CBD oil e-liquids.

The Five Star E-Liquids- Vaping CBD

We also provide customers with opportunities to review our products that they have bought from us. The reviews are all written by real customers and are available freely to any person that lands on our site.

We have received a few outstanding reviews on our Vape UK e-liquids (CBD), and our CBD-based starter kits. We have chosen a few which go into great detail surrounding the benefits of CBD.

I am someone that suffers with immense anxiety, along with chronic pain. I have been in search of substitutes to taking a painkiller that are often addictive. At this stage it has assisted me with chilling out and the pain has subsided a lot. The starter kit is nifty with instructions that are straightforward with an easy set-up. This is the first time I have vaped, and it was a bit daunting for me, yet the results are effective and has seemed to help me a lot.

I have already tried CBD oils before, yet they had a minimal effect, yet I decided to give this product type another try. I used the product for both my anxiety and for pain relief. I was informed from when I placed my order along with the date and time of the dispatch. I was also told when the dispatch occurred along with a check to make sure I have received my order. My order arrived quickly, and the effects have been working very well, so I have already placed a new order for a few more bottles. I have experienced pain relief and have only had 1 pain-attack since using this product which is around 5 days. I am so grateful for Vape UK for their fantastic product efficient delivery time and great customer service. I am looking forward to long term relief from my anxiety and pain with these products.

For any person that is suffering from stress, anxiety or pain, I highly recommend CBD oil for anyone who is wondering whether they should try it. The price is reasonable, with a 10ml bottle that lasted for a long time, because I use half-and-half with the normal vape oils. I also believe these have reduced health issues compared to utilizing real cannabis, as you are able to use this product without fearing prosecution. Don’t hesitate to try out this product and I really hope that it will work the way it did for me.

Our Colleagues Also Get The Benefits- Vaping CBD Oil

It is not only our customers that are enjoying benefits associated with CBD oil e-liquids. Becky one of our lovely colleagues, has also used Vape UK CBD over the last few months, along with other types of CBD e-liquids before. She agreed kindly to answer questions about her own experiences.

Question: What Made You Want To Try CBD?

We did extensive research into an alternative pain-relief substitutes for my own disabilities. We both agreed it was worth a try.

Question: Have You Tried CBD In Other Forms Before?

I have tried gummies and honey sticks. These products where definitely not as good. The CBD e-liquid works faster, and I have the choice to control the doses. In addition, the other products tasted really bad.

Question: Did You Have Concerns About Trying CBD?

It took about 6 months before I actually tried the product after my first purchase, as I had concerns about effects it may have, and whether it would make me feel sick.

Question: What Are Your Experiences With Vaping CBD Oil In E-Liquid Form?

With trying out different brands of the CBD products in previous months, Vape UK is free from taste that happens to be one of my main benefits. The flavours I tried have tasted the way they should.

Question: Can You Tell Us About The Effects That Vaping CBD Has Had On You?

It really assists me in sleeping. On a normal day of pain, I take about 1/3 to 1/2 less pain medication since using this product. On the days of extreme pain, it is still able to take an edge off the pain.

Question: Has Vaping CBD Enabled You To Do The Things You Were Not Able To Do Previously Due To Your Pain?

I am able to stand for a lot longer. One of the main aspects I notice is that when I wake up I am more alert compared to before. I also now use my walker instead of my wheelchair.

Question: How Likely On A Scale Of 1-10, Would You Recommend CBD To Others?

10 out of 10.

Question: Can You Give Us A Description About What You Dislike Or Like About Our CBD e-Liquids?

The packaging is extremely discreet in the way that it doesnt feature a cannabis/hemp leaf on the packaging. I also enjoy the different flavours, with none that come with a “hempy” aftertaste.

What’s New- Vaping CBD Oil

As we have mentioned before, a few of our clients are expecting a broader-range in the flavour choices in association to the CBD e-liquids we have on offer.

We are in the process of looking into the latest advancements in CBD flavours in order to learn about where markets are going. The more interesting trends are around the terpene-flavour profiles, that we have recently introduced to our range.

Terpenes And OG Kush

Terpene is usually not one of the familiar terms when it comes to newbies in the CBD world. The terpenes are fragrant and natural oils which are present in a number of plants which includes cannabis. The cannabis terpene is extracted out of glands that also produce the CBD cannabinoids. The terpenes not only enhance the flavours, but also enhance effects of CBD oil on the receptors of the brain.

The 3 more common types of terpene profiles that are present in the current e-liquids include:

  • Linalool- offers a spicy and floral unique aroma and flavour which is present in the OG Kush e-liquid products.
  • Myrcene- presents tropical-fruity flavour profiles and is associated more commonly with mangos, which is why it is used in Mango Kush vaping liquids.
  • Limonene- found in peels of citrus fruits, an aromatic lemony-oil offers the ideal fresh flavours for the different vaping juices.

We have gone onto expand on the benefits and science of terpenes in the latest comprehensive guide.

You are also able to read about our guide on the differences between Full-Spectrum CBD and the CBD Isolate which has been created after our introduction to the Aztec range associated with the Full Spectrum CBD Vaping Liquids.

In Summary- Vaping CBD Oil

We are really excited about what direction CBD oil e-liquids are gravitating towards. As we start to learn more about the clinical studies and more about what our customers are saying, we are able to make more informed decisions when it comes to our products along with the advice that we offer.

Make sure you keep checking back with the introduction of new CBD products, and when we update information resources associated with relevant trends, data and insights. In addition, you are also able to contact us when you have questions on how vaping CBD is able to benefit you.