young man vaping
10 February

Vaping – The Ultimate Quitting Tool?

Vaping is a great thing. It’s picked up over the last few years and has evolved into a phenomenon which is known worldwide. Its popularity is such that official authorities are starting to endorse it. It’s fantastic to see, and with the latest studies and research, there’s, even more, to back up the idea that vaping is here to stay.

Vaping – Better than Gum?!

A new study, which has been conducted by the lovely people at the Queen Mary University of London and properly explored by MSN, has shown that people who use vaping as a tool to aid in quitting smoking are twice as likely to succeed as those who use nicotine gum.

Conducted on a group of around 900 people who were seeking NHS help and were long term smokers, the trial focused on a year of quitting, and participants were distributed at random either an e-cigarette starter kit with all the tools to use it or gum.

At the end of the study, the results came in, and an exceptional conclusion drawn. 18% of the people who were given a vaping device at the beginning of the year were not smoking, which is in comparison to the 10% who used the gum. This evidence proved that the smoking kits were almost twice as useful as the gum, a method which had long been considered to be the best way to quit.

What Does This Mean?

Well, in case it wasn’t clear, we’re going to examine some of the potential impacts of this study and showcase what it might mean.

First of all, you have to consider that this wasn’t a small study – near enough 1000 people took part, which is no small number. There was sufficient evidence to prove that there’s potential for vaping to be implemented as the new way for people to quit smoking.

It provides a much-needed boost to the overall appeal of vaping. Popular though we may be, it’s still been difficult to get taken seriously as an aid for people who are trying to overcome smoking. It’s not easy by any means, but it provides us with some of the legitimacy that we need. Anyone who supports vaping and is a part of that community will know about the health benefits, they’ll be telling their friends, loved ones and everyone they meet about them, and now they’ve got evidence to back up the claims.

Overall, it’s lovely to see that people are making this transition to vaping, and working to make sure that there’s more support for it, as evidenced by this study and the success that it enjoyed. We’re keen to see more tests and official reports which back up vaping, and we know that the industry will only continue to grow and develop. Naturally, we support vaping because it can be a good way for people to get access to our line of CBD products, and so we welcome a gradual shift in attitudes and the growth of this industry.