21 January

Using CBD Oil on Skin Problems

Skin conditions are all too common, and perhaps unsurprising when we consider the chemicals and potential allergens we come into contact with daily. Some people inherit problems with their skin while others seem to develop over time. However, it can seem slightly futile to be treating these conditions with even more chemical based medicines. Lots of people prefer to try a more natural approach when it comes to skin problems and if you are one of them you will be pleased to learn that CBD oil is perfect for many skin problems.

Itching or Bites

While biting insects tend to be more common in the summer, there are some creatures that will bite all year round. Itchy skin can be caused by a number of reason including allergies and irritants like new laundry power. Itchy skin for either of the reason above is the body’s response to being under attack, and it sends histamine to the area to attack the problem. CBD our is very soothing and features natural anti-inflammatory properties that can get to work quickly when applied to the irritated area. It is also antibacterial, so it helps to keep the area clean and prevents any germs getting in to complicate the problem.

Blocked Pores, Spots and Blackheads

The scourge of the teenage years for many people and something that flairs up occasionally even when you are older than that. It can be an embarrassing issue that leaves you feeling self-conscious and stressed about even leaving the house. The medications that are prescribed by the doctor are quite harsh and come with even more side effects, and picking the wrong mediation can make the problem worse. Thankfully CBD oil is great on all kinds of spot problem. It has been reported that CBD oil gets to work quickly reducing the size of a spot, this is due to the natural anti-inflammatory aspect again, and it helps to decrease redness and removes some of the obviousness of the spot. It is also really good at treating the spot and healing back to the original state, so scars are not such a problem as CBD prevents them from forming.

Dry Skin

From central heating to hereditary issues, dry skin is a problem for loads of people, and again it can be embracing to live with. It can get really nasty as it heals and become scabby and uncomfortable. Again this can be relieved by using CBD to help bring down the inflammation factor, and for this sort of skin issue, you can mix the CBD oil with something like coconut oil to create a really soothing skin cream that helps tackle the problems. To be fair there are not many conditions of the skin that will not benefit from CBD oil, and because it is all natural, there are no side effects to worry about. Some more stubborn issues might require full week of use before the benefits are seen, but most condition will notice the things have improved in just a few days.