10 February

NHS Under Fire – Refusal to Provide Cannabis Oil?

If you live in the U.K, you might know that cannabis oil is a controversial subject at the moment. Because of some moving stories on the news of seriously ill people who can’t cure cancers because cannabis is illegal in the country, there’s been an outcry for a change in the law.

The most recent incident of this nature has been about a man who has terminal brain cancer and has recently made statements about the NHS and their ‘denial’ of his access to the cannabis oil he feels could save his life.

Cannabis – Force for Good?

So, to understand what’s been going on, we need to take a look at a story expertly covered by The Sun. A man named George Gannon has discovered he’s living with terminal brain cancer and has 12 tumours at least in his head.

As you can probably imagine, this was not the news anyone wanted. As a man trying to accept his situation, George has attacked the NHS in a very particular way – he’s blaming them for his condition and has decided to label them as inhumane. Speaking on the incident, he says that ‘it’s unfortunate how difficult it has been to get this prescription from the NHS. The people who need these oils most are often the people that can’t speak up for themselves. I wouldn’t even know where to start if it wasn’t for my girlfriend and family’s help. The oil helps with my symptoms, which is a tall order because I experience many side effects from my prescriptions even on the best of days’.

Attitude Problem?

So as you can probably tell, it’s essential for George to get access to the medication he needs. However, it’s often difficult for him to find it because there’s a lot of stigma surrounding CBD oil right now.

What we use is hemp-based, and there’s never any issues with that, but there’s a lot of rejection of cannabis oil inside the U.K and were often at odds as to why this might be the case. Why reject something which has been proven to help?

Whatever the reason, it’s evident that people need to try and make sure that they can get access to the treatments that they need, as we can see in the case of George. He needs access to certain types of medicine to combat his cancer, but it’s not happening.

Overall, we’re seeing a sharp increase in the number of people who need access to CBD oils but are finding that they’re impossible to get access to and use. Cases like this are becoming all too common, and we sometimes have to wonder where the finger needs to point. Does the fault lie with the companies, or is it a problem which the entire country seems to have? In either instance, we may need to see a change in the legal system and the introduction of CBD oils for cases like this one.