27 November

New To CBD? How To Take It And Can Pets Use It Too?

There has been a lot of news recently in the UK about the use of CBD, the rising usage of it along side the different ways to consume it, even CBD for pets so we’ve put together a short version of what’s been happening.


The amount of different products containing CBD has boomed, we stock the usual types such as CBD vape, balms, fizzy canned drinks, sweets and we’ve even started to stock CBD for pets, cats and dogs in the form of chewsticks, meatballs and sprays.


CBD has been found, anecdotally, to reduce stress and pain, improve sleep and mood.  We as retailers are not allowed to state these as fact but as someone who does use it I can say that personally for me it does.

You can read more of what other users think by reading the forum dedicated to the product here:  https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5766655