7 March

Marijuana at All-Time High – Big Profits to Come?

Although cannabis continues to stay unavailable to many in the UK, it hasn’t stopped the industry from blooming and growing. Incredibly, the global market for the drug is expected to shoot up – even though the UK doesn’t have much of an input in it.

It’s evidence to many that the industry will only continue to grow and develop, and while it’s not something we can involve ourselves in it’s something we can examine in some detail, so let’s get right on down to it.

So, What’s Going On?

Despite being illegal in this country, cannabis remains one of the most prominent investment projects of the current business year, and businesspeople all across the world are searching to sink their teeth into the powerful pain relief plant.

As helpfully covered by the Guardian in their article, the value of the European market for marijuana should rise to £106bn by 2028. For comparison, that’s more than the entirety of Ukraine generates every year. That’s staggering, and it’s left people baffled.


Of course, there’s just one question on the minds of many, and that’s why is this the case. A lot of different professionals and analysts have speculated on the reason, and so we’re going to look at what we think is the reason.

In truth, what we’re seeing is a change in the attitudes of people with regards to the drug and its place within the world. With growing evidence that it can be used to cure cancers and help treat serious illnesses, there’s a demand among the minds of many for governments to change their stance on the subject and incorporate it into medical care.

Here in the UK, it’s still illegal in a lot of cases. However, it’s also available in a select number of instances for people who have serious medical issues, once all other options have been exhausted. It’s this kind of attitude which wasn’t present a decade ago, and it’s progress. We don’t need it to be freely available, so much as there for people who have long-term health conditions and for it to be regulated. If there were laws in place that made it illegal to drive under the influence, operate heavy machinery in general and sell it on for money, then you might get a change in the standpoint of the government.

Overall, the industry is growing at a rapid pace, and we think it’s all down to the changing attitudes of the masses. People are now starting to see that it can be useful and they’re not as quick to deny the health advantages. There’s a growing surge in the number of countries that are relaxing their laws on cannabis and using it for medical reasons, and that’s all that matters. You have to be prepared to try and experience something new for society to grow. So long as there is a regulation of laws, we’re sure that the marijuana plant could have a place within the UK one day.