21 January

Hemp For Hair

The hemp plant seems to be something of a wonder child with uses in human and animal health, the food we eat and many other areas including the beauty industry. Hemp is actually fantastic for the hair, but this seems to be a little-known fact that has been overlooked. Finding a hemp shampoo could be the best thing you ever do for your hair and scalp health.

Shampoo Chemicals

While we never really consider the shampoo we use, most of the popular brands are actually just chemicals that have been designed to clean our hair, but as a side effect, they actually damage hair by stripping it of the oils that occur naturally. This is down to the sulphate content and a popular ingredient of all cleaning products from those that clean our garage floors to those we put on our skin, sodium lauryl sulphate.

Hemp shampoo is different and works to heal and strengthen your hair rather than cause it any extra damage. Hemp contains fatty acids that are good for your hair and help maintain strength. It is a restorative product, so it also benefits hair that is regularly blow dried or heat treated with straighteners or curling irons.

More Natural

Most of the shampoo that contains a hemp base will be made without any of the nasty chemicals as such companies tend to be more conscious of these and prefer to stick to naturally occurring ingredients, which is another bonus. It is still worth checking the list of components to make sure the sulphates are not present, but in general, you will find that a more natural product all round is found when hemp is used as an ingredient.

The properties of hemp can also be an effective sun protection, and you will find that there are hemp-based sun creams on offer. Using hemp shampoo will transfer this protection naturally, and the fact that it is a natural anti-inflammatory means that your scalp will be looked after too. So if you have been suffering from a dry or itchy scalp, you will find that the hemp in the shampoo will help with this as well.

It could be the start of your journey to a range of more natural personal care products, and you will find that there are also hemp-based conditioners to support your hair care routine. Of course, you can also find more natural variations of many other things like soap, laundry detergent, makeup and more. Anything that you put close to or on your body should be more natural so keep a look out for hemp-based products as the structure of the plant works so well with our bodies. This will enable you to nourish your body while you clean it, and minimise your contact with chemicals that are potentially damaging to the skin and hair. You should find a glossy, healthy mane and less irritation of the skin and scalp when you switch to hemp-based products.