CBD Is It Legal
26 February

CBD – Your Guide to Usage in the UK

So, if you’re new to the world of CBD, you might conclude that we’re selling drugs. That’s seriously not the case! What many people don’t know is that there’s two types of CBD products in the world – those which come from cannabis and plants like it, and those made of hemp.

We only work with the latter, and to try and make sure that there’s plenty of public awareness, we’re going to explore CBD further and look at its usage in the UK.

A Growing Trend?

Right now, it’s pretty much everywhere. You might say that this plant grew on people! But seriously. It’s present in snacks, moisturisers, healthcare products, and most importantly pain relief tools, as helpfully outlined by the Independent. However, there’s nothing psychotropic here, because this variation of the plant is the hemp-based option, which does not contain the effects of its a pot-based sibling.

Because it has none of the psychotropic effects, it does not disrupt the central nervous system in any way, which makes it legal here in Britain. To put it another way, the changes in mood and judgement which have garner humorous portrayals in movies and films for years aren’t there.  

So, it’s Legal? 

What we sell to you is legal, yes. Because there’s only trace amounts of anything remotely mind-altering, it’s been safe for people to use this product for years. Contrastingly, cannabis itself is a class B drug and is illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act that came into play around 1971. Despite this, we have seen medical marijuana go into use in a handful of situations when approved by a medical professional.

It’s Medicinal…

There are a few instances where you’ll find that it is medicinal for people to use marijuana-based products. For example, Sativex is available for the muscle spasms associated with MS. Similarly, the same company also makes Sativex also makes Epidiolex, a product that helps epilepsy.

More Mainstream Use

However, away from the confines of particular conditions, you’ll find that CBD is present everywhere. There’s a growing number of people who are taking it for pain relief because we have the receptors in the central nervous system to use it safely. We offer a range of different options for people who want to use it, and they’re available in a selection of snacks, oils and e-liquids for maximum use.

So, there is no doubt that this is a trend which is sweeping the nation. What you do have to keep in mind is that when it comes to CBD, there’s so much to appreciate and so many options to select. We’ve made sure that you’ve got access to all of the different options that are popular because we know that pain relief can come in many forms and it’s not always easy for people to get on board with one particular method. However, CBD is rapidly growing in popularity, and you’ll soon see that it becomes even more commonplace.