CBD Myth Busting
22 February

CBD Vape-Oil – Debunking Myths

CBD Vape-Oil is something that a lot of people experiment with on almost a daily basis. It’s another way of getting access to many health benefits which are provided by hemp oil, and for many, it’s a lifesaver.

However, it’s also something which does carry a lot of myths and misconceptions, like a lot of the CBD products that sell commonly. We’re going to be taking a look at these myths and ideas here and now, to make sure that we can debunk them and set people on the right path.  

CBD is Harmful When Vaped

Here’s one of the most common problems that the oil runs into – people think vaping is somehow wrong. In actuality, this is pretty far from the truth.

Let’s clear up the common misconception about vaping as a whole, shall we? The idea is that it’s somehow harmful to you when it’s proven time and time again as being safer than regular cigarettes. There’s none of the harmful content inside of it that makes smoking a typically toxic affair – carbon monoxide and tar are not present. These facts make smoking CBD vape-oil a safe way to get access to the pain relief that you need.

The Pain Relief is Less

Somehow, people have managed to convince themselves that when they are smoking vape-oil, that the impact it has on them and their pain relief is somehow less. We’re going to say that this is not the case. There’s a whole system of natural receptors inside the human nervous system, and they’re exceptionally similar to the composition of hemp oil. Therefore, we can fully absorb the benefits of the oil no matter what form it comes in. It’s the reason why CBD vape-oil and the other products we sell are available.  

It’s Expensive

Anyone who’s ever had a look at smoking has probably figured out that trying actually to maintain a successful habit can be a costly endeavour. Those same people then apply that logic to vaping and thus don’t pick it up. However, we’re going to debunk that as well.

When comparing the price of CBD vape-oil over the long term against other things like edibles or oil, it’s no more or less in terms of cost. Furthermore, everything that we sell offers maximum pain relief, so there’s no need to spend an absolute fortune on it all anyway.

Overall, these are just a few of the different misconceptions that people have when it comes to CBD oil and vaping it. There’s no doubt that the health benefits can be considerable, and we’ve worked hard to make sure that you’re getting the most from every hit you take. However, if you hear nothing but bad things about vaping, you’re not going to do it, are you? That’s not something we want to happen for anyone, which is why we work hard to make sure that whenever you have a vaping product, we’ve tried to clear up some of the odd rumours and misconceptions which seem to dog the product so much.