About Planet Leaf Ltd

Our company, Planet Leaf Ltd, began as an e-liquid supplier for the electronic cigarette world and recently expanded to become a CBD product seller. For the last three years our focus was on making quality e-liquids and now we work to find the best CBD suppliers possible.
We make sure to take our CBD sales to a higher level by selling nothing that contains Ethylene Glycol or Diethylene Glycol.
We have a strict batch control policy to make sure every product we sell is fresh, comes with a proper batch number and a clearly marked expiry date.
Our knowledge and commitment to quality make us the best partner for your CBD needs.

1 CBD Purity

We use CBD products that have CBD that comes from hemp farms that are among the best in all of Europe. The growers harvest the hemp on an industrial level with the highest purity possible.
You do not have to believe what we say. Trust CW Analytical, a member of the Association of Cannabis Laboratories. They have been with us checking our CBD products for almost a decade.

2 Wholesale and Trade

Contact us today to find out more about selling our CBD products. Whether you already sell them or wish to expand, we invite you to speak with us to find out how we can begin supplying products to you using your own brand or one of ours. If you want us to sell your brand, feel free to send us your company logos. We will take care of it from there!